Sunday, October 16, 2016

Simple Plan and Sunsets

Friday night, I saw Simple Plan at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. Let me just say, middle school Hannah would have been geeked. Nonetheless, it was a great show. They played all their hits and more. But something clicked for me that night. 

Friday night, I felt 12 again. I remembered the vest I used to wear, with the white t-shirt underneath. I remembered the dark purple eyeliner that used to coat the bottom of my eye because I wasn't allowed to wear black. I remembered what it felt to 12 again. 

I fulfilled a life long dream of seeing Simple Plan in concert. And that itself makes me so happy. I got to see a band that I idolized. Remembering those long Friday nights in my bedroom, with my parents begging me to turn it down. Realistically, seventh grade was extremely stressful with pre-algebra and basketball practice. (Yes, my tiny butt was on the middle school basketball team, I basically rode the bench.)  

The ability to take you somewhere via sound is a powerful tool. It is amazing how one song or in this case a band can take you to this place. Music can remind you of the good and the bad times. But, revisiting 12 year old me was fantastic. Having that feeling that I was safe and had no responsibilities was great. I took a mini-vacation Friday night and it was exactly what I needed.  

To left is a painting I did inspired by the "Still Not Getting Any" album by Simple plan. I feel the sunset represents that my childhood years are over, in fact they have been over, but I considered college part of growing up. While the sun may be setting on this phase of my life, new horizons are among us and I'm excited to see where I'm headed next. At first I wasn't really a fan of it, but it has since grown on me. It is an abstract approach to a sunset. I now enjoy the soft lines. Another important lesson I learned this week, if you don't like your painting sleep on it, you may feel differently in the morning. 

"It's almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream" -Bernard Williams 

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