Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I have lived in the Metro Detroit area my entire life, and as I get older, my love for this city continues to grow. I have fond memories of attending sporting events and concerts with my family and friends.I love how Detroit has its own unique quirks that sets it apart from other cities. Where else can you find the combination of Cars and Music? Or more affectionally referred to as the Motor City or Motown.

I love how Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers is a practically a holiday in this city, along with St. Patrick's Day, and the festivities of Thanksgiving morning.

My first Red Wing game was at Joe Louis Arena, on December 30th, 2008 and they played the Chicago Blackhawks, an original six match up.

My first Tigers game was at Tiger Stadium, on September 25th, 1999. I watched them take on the Kansas City Royals.

I saw Kiss play the last ever concert at Cobo Arena, before they remodel it to be an extension of the  convention center.

I attended Wayne State University, like my father did before me. The commute to the city is something I would never thought I would miss, but I do. I love watching the Ren Cen get larger as I drive down i75, or the historic drive down Woodward as you pass the Model T factory, a historic landmark for Detroit.

But, not everyone has this love for the city. I know many people, even some who live in Michigan, who are still afraid of Detroit. Even after hearing it a couple times, it is still mind blowing to me.

The city of Detroit has premiere concert venues and casinos, amazing food and bars, museums, ice skating rinks and even a walking trail.

Soon Detroit will have an new sporting arena, a future home to both the Red Wings and the Pistons, and a new transportation system, the Q-Line.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends, is explore the city. If you follow me on Instagram @Hannah_Livernois, I have tons of photographs from some of my adventures downtown.

A recent adventure of mine was the Science Center, After Dark. I recently attended their Mardi Gras event, and I must say it was entertaining. I hadn't been to the science center since I was in high school. But it was nice to see how much the facility has changed and not to have a ton of kids running around, as this event was 21 and up.

With Detroit on it's revival, it got me thinking. I want to share my adventures. I want to share the amazing parts of Detroit, and hopefully inspire some of your own adventures. I was born and raised in the city. It is my home, it is where I belong.

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