Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Growing Up Won't Bring Us Down

One thing that I have been struggling with recently is growing up. Recently, I woke up and I wasn't 12 going to softball practice, I wasn't 15 going to golf practice, I wasn't 17 going to voice lessons.

As my aunt recently said to me, "I never knew my own morality until my parents got sick" and frankly until after this summer, I didn't believe her. I never realized how old I truly was or where I was in life until this summer.

Realizing this sucks. But I am fortunate to caught it when I did. I still have much of my life ahead of me, and I haven't lost that much time, I am just not a child anymore. Although thanks to my Irish lineage that I still look like a child.

Funny thing is that life does go on, all those times in high school when I swore my life was over, whether a stupid boy had broken my heart, or I was stressing college prep.  Life certainly did not care, as it still went on, time was still moving forward.

Given my track record recently, I have figure that if I keep a positive attitude and keep looking forward, I most certainly will carry on. I will be a-okay in the long run.

Irony of life right now is I am looking for apartments to rent, and unfortunately I do not know where I will end up, but I am grateful to be here in this position. As one of my least favorite things to be told, "baby steps".

I guess my take away from this is that I hope, whoever is reading this, you do carry on and you don't let the sheer terror of being an adult scare you from living your dreams.

Because eventually, your "baby steps" will add up, and you will be somewhere least expected and it will be great and it will be magical.

"And no matter what we do, we'll never lose what we had growing up"  -John O'Callaghan

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